Kristin & Kyle

I first met Kristin at a shoot for Southern Weddings late last summer.. and then we connected again when she emailed me about getting together for lunch and to chat about a personal shoot for her and her sweet Kyle.  I knew I needed to connect with Kristin the moment I met her.  She was one of those people who’s light was so bright and heart was too big.  So I am forever grateful that she opened her arms up to me and to my work.. Our shoot together was one I won’t forget.  Full of sunshine, honesty, smiles and laughter.  This girl is going places, and with her incredible husband by her side, these two are people I am so grateful to have in my corner, and to count as friends.

Happy, Happy Birthday Kristin.. wishing you the most joyous of days and another beautiful year to come. xo, J

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  1. Carrie Geddie

    Love these Julia! She looks so radiant and what a glorious afternoon you had! Awesome way to celebrate her birthday. :)


Lauren & Joe’s Wedding

There is a certain tangible energy that surrounds a wedding day.  I love feeling it time and time again, wedding after wedding after wedding.  Lauren and Joe’s day in Charleston, South Carolina teemed with it.. a quiet energy in the morning as preparations were made, a building excitement as we photographed and visited the reception site at Boone Hall Plantation, and an overflowing amount of joy as these two made promises to each other in front of dear family and friends and said “I do..”  This joyful energy carried through the afternoon, into the evening, into the night, and without a doubt will carry Joe and Lauren through their marriage.

It is a beautiful thing to witness this excitement and joy that propels two people forward into a union that is lasting and so meaningful.  And for me, at this particular wedding that joy was palpable.

Congratulations Lauren and Joe.. Congratulations on the joy you have found together, and the joy you have found in your community and your marriage.  And thank you for the reminder that it is truly what life is all about.  Here is their wedding story:

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  1. Kimberli Nelson

    You are so talented, Julia. These are amazing.

  2. Kelly

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  3. Holy cow, you outdid yourself, Julia…. SO many of these should definitely be in a magazine. Absolutely gorgeous, timeless, classic images with such a beautiful editorial feel. This is my favorite wedding of yours to date!

  4. Erin Snyder

    Wow! These images are stunning!
    1. BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids’ dresses
    2. I LOVE how the guys are clapping and cheering for the groom as he comes down
    3. Those shots in the tree…breathtaking!

    The happiness and love is so evident here! Great job, Julia! And, congrats to the newlyweds!!

  5. Lauren Luecke

    Julia, the pictures are as beautiful as any I’ve ever seen!! You captured my BFF’s wedding in a way she will appreciate forever!

    Thanks for all you did that day from bobby pins to band aids, you rocked!

    The Other Lauren (ie the one who did the flowers for the wedding day)

  6. Julia!! This wedding could not be more stunning. LOVE the sweet moments you captured, and what a stylish couple!

  7. RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!! So beautiful, Julia!!

  8. Carrie Geddie

    Okay, the tree shots are RIDICULOUS, but second runner up for my fav is the bridal portrait with her veil blowing in the wind!!! O EM GEEEE!!!! Outstanding work again, dear friend. Just outstanding.