Lauren & Joe’s Boone Hall Plantation Wedding

There is a certain tangible energy that surrounds a wedding day.  I love feeling it time and time again, wedding after wedding after wedding.  Lauren and Joe’s day in Charleston, South Carolina teemed with it.. a quiet energy in the morning as preparations were made, a building excitement as we photographed and visited the reception site at Boone Hall Plantation, and an overflowing amount of joy as these two made promises to each other in front of dear family and friends and said “I do..”  This joyful energy carried through the afternoon, into the evening, into the night, and without a doubt will carry Joe and Lauren through their marriage.

It is a beautiful thing to witness this excitement and joy that propels two people forward into a union that is lasting and so meaningful.  And for me, at this particular wedding that joy was palpable.

Congratulations Lauren and Joe.. Congratulations on the joy you have found together, and the joy you have found in your community and your marriage.  And thank you for the reminder that it is truly what life is all about.  Here is their wedding story:



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  1. Kimberli Nelson

    You are so talented, Julia. These are amazing.

  2. Kelly

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  3. Holy cow, you outdid yourself, Julia…. SO many of these should definitely be in a magazine. Absolutely gorgeous, timeless, classic images with such a beautiful editorial feel. This is my favorite wedding of yours to date!

  4. Erin Snyder

    Wow! These images are stunning!
    1. BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids’ dresses
    2. I LOVE how the guys are clapping and cheering for the groom as he comes down
    3. Those shots in the tree…breathtaking!

    The happiness and love is so evident here! Great job, Julia! And, congrats to the newlyweds!!

  5. Lauren Luecke

    Julia, the pictures are as beautiful as any I’ve ever seen!! You captured my BFF’s wedding in a way she will appreciate forever!

    Thanks for all you did that day from bobby pins to band aids, you rocked!

    The Other Lauren (ie the one who did the flowers for the wedding day)

  6. Julia!! This wedding could not be more stunning. LOVE the sweet moments you captured, and what a stylish couple!

  7. RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!! So beautiful, Julia!!

  8. Carrie Geddie

    Okay, the tree shots are RIDICULOUS, but second runner up for my fav is the bridal portrait with her veil blowing in the wind!!! O EM GEEEE!!!! Outstanding work again, dear friend. Just outstanding.


Liz & Jesse’s Wedding

This wedding reminds me each and every day of what is important.  To feel.  To emote.  To trust.  To embrace.  To love.  This wedding reminds me each and every day that a full heart and a bright smile is truly the way to live and to love.  This wedding reminds me each and every day that working with care and with your whole heart is the only way to work and that when all of this comes together, joy happens.  True, unadulterated joy.  It gives me chills just to think about it.

Liz & Jesse were so present.  They knew what mattered on this day.. each and every person was important to them.  They were important to each other and each moment was embraced and lived and loved.  It’s the stuff photographer’s dreams are made of.  That, and this beautiful island, 700 miles away from North Carolina created the most memorable wedding weekend of my career.  Liz and Jesse.. thank you.  Thank you for your joy.  I adore you both and send the warmest and richest wishes for happiness for an incredible life together.  You two are so special.

This wedding was published in the December 2013/January 2014 issue of Coastal Living Magazine. On sale now.


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  1. Kimberli

    Julia, You are so amazingly talented…. what a beautiful wedding. You captured it perfectly! The details… the emotion… I love it all. Way to go!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! and them!! And you for allowing me to be a part of it all. Beautiful story you told through some amazing photos.

  3. This wedding is so perfect!!!! Love every frame! Congrats on the magazine feature!


Meredith & Tim’s Adaumont Farm Wedding

Ahhh.. this wedding.  I get a little dreamy-eyed every time I think about it.  Sprawling fields, ancient trees, a beautiful breeze, long white fences.. quintessentially North Carolina if I do say so myself.  And Meredith and Tim.. what an incredibly beautiful couple who love each other immensely.  That, along with an incredible group of people who put their heart and soul into this wedding and couple, made for a perfect wedding day equation.

What I want you to pay attention to most is Tim.. and the way he embraces Mere all day, relishing in his bride’s beauty and heart.  It made my heart full and reminded me of how beautiful the start of a new marriage is.  We did run into rain on their day, and it was handled by everyone with flexibility and smiles.. and an even more poignant lesson came after the storm.  Sun.  And one of the most memorable sunsets I have ever witnessed.  To watch Meredith and Tim soak in every moment of that gorgeous pink sky and each other.. well, you know that’s why I do what I do.

Congratulations Mere and Tim.  I am so, so very happy for the two of you.  Here is their story.. frame by frame at Adaumont Farm.

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Tina and Alex’s Wedding

My heart as a photographer is in the story.. the story of a couple in love, their wedding day that they’ve put their heart and soul into, and their people.  And goodness, was Tina and Alex’s story a beautiful one.  Tina, originally from Wilmington, North Carolina brought her southern gentleman home to say their I dos, and because these two would be at the beach any moment they are able, the pastel skies of Wrightsville Beach was perfect.  More than perfect.  What I loved most about their day was the laughter, the smiles, the tears, the quiet moments.. and the heart.  I felt it from everyone on their day.. a quick squeeze from a college roommate, tears from cousins moments before a first look, a pep talk from mom, a beautiful embrace from a sister, a kiss from dad before walking down the aisle.  This whole community cheered Tina and Alex into their marriage and the energy was real.  So real.

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again to every couple.  Congratulations.  Marriage is a beautiful ride, and no doubt Tina and Alex will enjoy every moment judging by this day.  Here is their love story.

Wilmington NC wedding photographer

Wilmington NC wedding photographer

Wilmington NC wedding photographer

Wilmington NC wedding photographer

Wilmington NC wedding photographer

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