Welcome, I'm Julia

Born and bred in the west surrounded by rugged mountains and red rock, my childhood gave me a deep love for natural beauty.  I was also raised as a musician and when I picked up a camera it felt familiar: so artistic and very technical. When weddings added people into the equation it was over. I had found myself and what I wanted to do.

I love photographing a wedding so much and while it comes with hard work, lack of sleep, big travel days, and long physical hours, I'd do it again and again because every weekend is dynamic and beautiful - full of people who are coming together to celebrate a couple choosing each other for a lifetime. It's incredible to witness.

I come from a family steeped in love and tradition. It's at the core of who I am. When I found this work, and understood I could help other families carry on their legacy and tradition through my photographs, it added a very meaningful new depth to my life.  

Family is the well that I draw from. It is where my eye goes and where my camera follows. Family is dynamic and complex. Warm and nurturing. Always subtle and unique.  Personally and professionally, family is the heartbeat of everything I do.



I believe in lasting love. I believe family brings deep and real joy. I believe the more you live and breathe and feel your wedding day, the more beautiful the imagery will be.

What I believe

My Favorite Things

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Nothing is more important to me or more fulfilling than being a mother and a wife. Jonathan and I have spent over half of our lives together and adore our three beautiful children. This love and devotion is at the heartbeat of my craft and why my camera is drawn to your family and community on your wedding day.

Time Together


I grew up in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah and after marrying Jonathan, moved to San Francisco and then to North Carolina. We love travel and love finding a deep sense of home when we return. Sharing unforgettable experiences has shaped our marriage and we hope to instill that love in our three children.

Beautiful Places


Life is beautiful. The people we are surrounded by are gifts. To be able to deliver that as a tangible product weekend after weekend fulfills me and is what keeps me coming back wedding season after wedding season. I am 16 years in and find joy in your unique, beautiful and individual stories.

Finding Meaning

There is nothing more important to me than quietly reading a moment, blending into the seams, and letting a couple experience the palpable magic that is already there on their wedding day. This is what takes a beautiful photograph to an heirloom.

I would love to hear what is important to you every day and on your wedding day.

I am based in Raleigh, North Carolina and travel both nationally and internationally for portraits and weddings. 

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